SugarFree Man

Your Sugar Detox Guide

Sugar-Free Man is just a regular guy who decided years ago, through tons and tons of research and testing his own (pre-sugar-free-beat-up, overweight and sick) body, that sugar might be doing much more harm than the sweet taste was tricking us into.

He saw kid’s behavior change when they ate the stuff and grown-ups acting very irrationally towards “needing” the stuff.
Not to mention folks who ate a lot of sugar seemed to get sicker and sicker with a whole host of diseases and conditions – many gaining a lot of extra weight.

Using the powers granted to him by sugar freedom he then morphed into a voice for kids and adults, and adults who love their kids, wanting to change their relationship with sugar.

All his other superhero friends seemed to be selling sugar – mostly to kids in cereals, candy, and sodas. It seemed like they were trying to influence the next generation.

Sugar-Free Man believes in the good of all people and couldn’t believe that the superheroes and the folks who sold sugar would want to harm us, or the kiddos.

So for years, (30+ years) he did very little but not use sugar himself – and raise two kids sugar-free.
But as the science marched on and started to prove that sugar might be the culprit, or at least an instigator, in dang near every disease known to man…

Sugar-Free Man had to change into the lone superhero fighting the good fight against sugar.

We’re here to get “just the facts”, the science and the results of thousands of people who have successfully quit sugar and then get them out to you.